Fish Bones(HKLGFF 2018)
Official Selections - Slamdance Film Festival, Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival

Hana (Joony Kim) is a college student who goes home to New York City to assist her ailing epileptic mother (Borah Ahn) and help her brother (Christopher Kim) with running the family’s Korean restaurant. Hana secretly models part-time to earn some extra cash. On one of her shoot days, Hana meets the charismatic Nico (Cris Gris), a Latina music producer. Nico takes an intense interest in Hana. Flattered by the attention, Hana spends more time with Nico and gradually falls for her. A coming-of-age film about discovering sexuality and self-awareness whilst also exploring what it means to be a faithful Korean immigrant daughter to a very conservative family.
Joanne Mony Park
Jonny Kim, Cris Gris Borah Ahn, Christopher Kim
Release Date
English, Korean(In Parts), Spanish(In Parts)
Run Time
82 minutes
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