Fists in the Pocket(EM Retro)
A dysfunctional family lives in a tranquil suburban mansion: an absent father, a blind mother, three children with epilepsy, and a breadwinner son who wants to move to the city with his girlfriend. The repressed anger is a loose cannon that foreshadows a national revolution. In his directorial debut, Bellocchio challenges family values and Catholic morality, even as he draws criticism from Buñuel and Antonioni. His experimental spirit leads to a collaboration with Morricone; the singing of boy sopranos and eerie bell sounds create a lurking death anxiety. The climactic scene extends the soprano aria from La Traviata to create an endless cry of despair between life and death.

Silver Sail, Locarno Film Festival
Marco Bellocchio
Lou Castel, Paola Pitagora, Marino Masé
Release Date
Italian, Latin
Run Time
109 minutes
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