Fly Me To The Moon
'Perhaps all our likings come later in life. All our affections come from a piece of childhood memory.' Yuen moves to Hong Kong with her mother from Hunan at the age of 8 to reunite with her father. Everything in the city is dazzling and new to her. However, the family face poverty and a cultural barrier. Worse still, the father has a drug habit and has a difficult relationship with the family. This certainly is not the dream home Yuen has been looking forward to. All she wants is that her younger sister could reunite with them as soon as possible. Out of fear, the sisters try to appease to their father in their younger years. As soon as they reach adolescence, they start to resist and escape from him. However, even after they grow up and move away from him, Yuen realizes all the people she loves and treasures resemble her father in her childhood memories.
Sasha Chuk
Wu Kang-ren, Sasha Chuk, Angela Yuen, Tse Wing-yan, Natalie Hsu
Release Date
Cantonese, Mandarin, Hunan Dialect
Run Time
113 minutes
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