Fresh Wave Award Winners Highlight(17th Fresh Wave)
In this Programme, Al Niente, the winner of Audience Award and Best Screenplay, Lykke Til, the winner of Best Director, and Before the Box Gets Emptied, the winner of Fresh Wave Award and Best Cinematography, will be screened. In Al Niente, Ling returns to Hong Kong to her dementia-stricken father, on whom she tries to conduct music therapy but eventually it leads to open conflict with her demurer older sister Munn. Set in Norway, Lykke Til is a story about struggling in a foreign land. Ann, who has moved to Norway, is facing obstacles on multiple fronts. In Before the Box Gets Emptied, for sixth grader Marco, the minutiae of life revolve around taking the light rail with his best friend Chris and their Beyblade battles. Chris is embarking on a different life path. They were uncertain about the future and how to say farewell.
Release Date
Run Time
86 minutes
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