A widely-revered elder of an indigenous community in northeastern Taiwan, Hayung passes away in his sleep, leaving behind a family troubled with a land dispute and financial problems. His widow, two sons, and their loved ones must stick together to overcome whatever challenges lying ahead. Unplanned, one of Hayung's granddaughters gets pregnant with a baby boy, whom Hayung's widow decides to name after her late husband. What will become of Hayung's family through their stuggles to finance a risky mayoral campaign, the stake of which is so high that Hayung's sons would resort to anything to win? What are the consequences of violating Ga Ga, the forgotten traditional tribal norms?
Laha Mebow
Lin Ting-li, Esther Huang, Buya Watan
Release Date
Tayal, Putonghua, Taiwanese(In Parts), English(In Parts)
Run Time
112 minutes
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