Havana Divas
Two stage sisters living in an era of revolution
Four opera trips crossing an ocean of time

A story of two Divas who never gave up their dream to be on stage, the documentary narrates the chronicles of Cantonese opera singers Caridad Amaran and Georgina Wong. The film goes back to 1930s Havana, where Caridad began learning the art of Cantonese Opera and Georgina practiced kung-fu and lion dancing in the vivid and festive Chinatown. The two became stage sisters. Throughout the 1940s, Caridad toured cities all over Cuba as one of the leading staged actresses. Georgina had a very different life. Georgina went to university, where her studies were interrupted by Fidel Castro’s revolution.

Now well into their twilight years, the two reunite and once again spark their dream to perform Cantonese opera. As the two women reminisce on their happy days as girls, they embark on a poignant journey of love and nostalgia
Louisa Wei
Caridad Amaran, Georgina Wong
Release Date
Cantonese, Spanish, English
Run Time
90 minutes
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