Holy Motors(bc Sunday)
The French surrealist director Leos Carax makes his first feature “Holy Motors” in 13 years since his renowned film “Pola X”. Oscar wanders through Paris in a white stretch limo with a series of assignments that requires him to wear makeup and costumes and then play out various peculiar scenarios. Dressing as an old beggar woman, a wealthy businessman, a tramp and an assassin, he dances in skintight costumes on a studio on one stage while kidnaps a glamorous model at another moment. What does the dreamlike anti-logical narrative indicate? Modern people’s multi-identity and alienating existence in urbanity? Multiple personality disorder? Nightmare? Or even the reincarnation in Buddhism? After the screening in the Cannes film festival, the director believes explanation is unnecessary for the eerie world he has invented. May be it is exactly what the film is about – the ineffable obsession and pure fantasy generating from a surreal but fascinating Paris.
Leos Carax
Denis Lavant, Kylie Ann Minogue, Eva Mendes
Release Date
French, English
Run Time
115 minutes
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