I Am Zlatan(EUFF2024)
Guldbagge Awards: Best Actor in a Leading Role
Rome Film Festival

I Am Zlatan is a coming-of-age story depicting Zlatan Ibrahimovic's upbringing in a rough Swedish suburb. Born to Balkan immigrants, football was Zlatan's release where his remarkable talent and self-reliance catapulted him against all odds to the top of international football playing for the biggest clubs. The movie provides a moving, detailed look into his home and family life, and his relationship to Rosengård, the suburb neighborhood of Malmö, he will always call home. It shows his first big journey, from the suburb by bicycle into downtown Malmö, and later on, into the rest of the world.
Jens Sjögren
Granit Rushiti, Dominic Andersson Bajraktat, Cedomir Glisovic
Release Date
Run Time
102 minutes
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