I Want To Be A Plastic Chair
World Premiere at Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.

People would say, how much they wished to reincarnate as a human in their next life. But for Ming, he merely wanted to become a red plastic chair. He feels dejected and is faint-hearted, living a life of worthlessness day in day out. Arriving home after a long working day, he only finds himself in another hellish nightmare, for he shares a room with his younger sister, who is always getting laid with her boyfriend.

Ming has nowhere to hide and the unspeakable secret about his family would disturb his sleep oftentimes. As a way out, he decided to find a new home and came across Jenny, a real estate agent. The two of them seemed at odds with one another, but developed a friendly understanding and became rather compatible over time. In the eyes of Ming, when will life come to an end? Every day is just a ceaseless whirlpool of misfortune. (Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival)

With 20 minutes after-screening Q&A, Ao Ieong Weng-Fong, the filmmaker will attend the screenings. Wong Hin Yan will attend the 18 May screening.
Ao Ieong Weng-Fong
Wong Hin Yan, Ieong Ieng Ieng, Mok Ka Hou
Release Date
Run Time
80 minutes
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