I Want to Run for Office(HKAFF 2021)
Lee Komaki arrived in Japan in 1988, and began working in Tokyo’s red-light district. Over two decades, he gained notoriety as a “guide” for foreign visitors into the seedy world of Kabukicho. In 2014, he decided to run for the Shinjuku City Assembly to represent those he used to work with. Lee would face an upward battle not only because of his colorful professional past, but also his background as a Chinese-born nationalized citizen. Documentarian Xing Fei profiles the unlikely candidacy of a former Kabukicho tout aiming to become Japan’s first Chinese-born politician. The documentary follows Lee on the bumpy campaign trail, and explores what drew him to politics and elections in Japan.
Xing Fei
Release Date
Japanese, Putonghua
Run Time
78 minutes
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