Juliet In Love(WY Retro)
Restaurant receptionist Judy has been living with her grandfather since her marriage fell apart; Jordan is a two-bit gangster who has a debt to a gang boss that he cannot repay. These lonely, hurting souls meet in Yuen Long by sheer coincidence, connected by Judy’s injured grandfather and the gang boss’s illegitimate son. While they are forced to co-habit, Judy and Jordan slowly open their hearts to each other. However, bliss rarely lasts; to live up to a vow he made, Jordan puts his life on the line. Will Judy and Jordan’s love last?

Wilson Yip and screenwriter Matt Chow extends several themes from Bullets Over Summer, including a running hero, illness and flawed love. Despite being a tragedy, Yip films Yuen Long with a rare sense of tenderness and poetry. Even when the story is headed for inevitable tragedy, it finds dark humour in easily neglectable everyday moments. Yip’s concern for small characters, a life-and-death romance, the conveyance of unforgettable memories and the theme of finding love in the face of life’s bitterly unpredictable nature make this a moving film.
Wilson Yip Wai Shun
Sandra Ng, Francis Ng
Release Date
Run Time
90 minutes
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