Kaili Blues(bcSunday)
A multiple prizewinner at the Locarno Film Festival and one of the most audacious and innovative debuts of recent years, Bi Gan’s KAILI BLUES is a magical realist journey that enigmatically interweave the past, present, and future. The film follows a doctor who sets off to search for his brother’s abandoned child and his colleague’s old lover. But on the way, he passes a mysterious town where time is not linear and people’s lives complement each other. Navigating between multiple states of consciousness and planes of existence, Bi conjures a visionary cinematic poem.
Bi Gan
Chen Yongzhong, Xie Lixun, Yu Shixue, Guo Yue
Release Date
Putonghua, Guizhou Dialet(In Parts)
Run Time
110 minutes
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