Like Nothing Happened / I Love Thee for Good(RH Retro)
Movie Name: Like Nothing Happened

Language: Japanese(English Subtitles)

Category: I

Duration: 43 mins

Director: Ryusuke Hamaguchi

Cast: Tomo Matsui, Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Hideyuki Okamoto, Ikuko Endo, Rie Ishii

Story: Made during his student years with his friends from the film society at the University of Tokyo, Hamaguchi captured succinctly the dynamics between five young drifters in this 8mm short film. Despite its modest production values, Hamaguchi was still able to seize the absurdity of everyday life with his extraordinary sensibility to human relationships, a recurring theme in his later works.

Screened with

Movie Name: I Love Thee for Good

Language: Japanese(English(In Parts) Subtitles)

Category: IIA

Duration: 59 mins

Director: Ryusuke Hamaguchi

Cast: Aoba Kawai, Nao Okabe, Rio Kanno, Hikohiko Sugiyama

Story: To reveal her secret to her fiance or not to: that is the question for Eiko on her wedding day. Will things remain the same after her confession? Can love endure and embrace the brutality of her honesty? Hamaguchi looks at the fragile side of romantic commitments under the facade of sacredness.
Ryusuke Hamaguchi
Release Date
Run Time
102 minutes
14 Feb
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