Little Cheung(bc Sunday)
The eight-year-old Little Cheung often delivers takeaway for his family’s restaurant, and gets along so well with customers from all walks of life. Ah Fan, an illegal immigrant of the same age as Cheung, is declined for job at the restaurant, but Cheung befriends her. The two kids start their urban adventure from Hong Kong’s old district to Tsim Sha Tsui. Cheung runs away from family after he was punished for asking about his lost brother, and Ah Fan faces deportation owing her illegal status… Little Cheung is the final episode of director Fruit Chan’s “1997 Trilogy”, and is also his love letter to Hong Kong.
Fruit Chan
Yiu Yuet Ming, Gary Lai, Mak Wai Fan, Mak Suet Man
Release Date
Cantonese, English(In Parts)
Run Time
117 minutes
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