Looking For?(HKLGFF 2017)
Official Selection - Taipei Film Festival

“Looking for?” might be one of the most frequently asked questions on gay dating apps, do people really know what they are truly looking for? Do we ourselves know what we are looking for when we are using the apps. What are gay men looking for in this day and age? Sex? Dates? Friends? To kill time? To chat? Director Chou Tung-yen interviews 60 men in 60 minutes, documenting their journey to look for the answers everyone is secretly or openly looking for.

Additional Screening: Cake
Director: Jacintho Muinos
Language: English
Duration: 16 min
Story: * Asian Premiere
A late night hookup between a housebound gamer and a relentless party boy runs overtime and awkwardly transitions into a neighbourhood BBQ.
Chou Tung-Yen
Release Date
English, Putonghua
Run Time
61 minutes
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