Love is a Gun
Since his release from prison, Sweet Potato has been content with running a small business by the sea and with the meager earnings, heedless of others' advice against it. He is pulled into the whirlpool of the past when the "boss" he has never met, his mother who thrusts all her debts upon him, and his buddy Maozi re-appear. One coming on the heels of another, they regain control of his life at present and in the future. Only Apple can assuage his anxieties ever so slightly. At the smoggy and oppressive seaside, Sweet Potato is finally granted a meeting with the "boss". He fires a few shots, with which he attempts to destroy everything that is his, disappear into the ocean, and flee to the opposite shore where Gueishan Island is....
Lee Hong-chi
Lee Hong-chi, Patricia Lin, Zheng Qing-yu, Lin Ke-ren
Release Date
Run Time
81 minutes
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