Mama's Affair
Mei-fung (Teresa Mo) was once an entertainment industry starmaker who discovered and nurtured numerous major pop stars in her heyday. After getting married, she chose to retire from the business so she could concentrate on a new life as a homemaker. Now that her son Jonathan (Jer Lau) about to leave home for university, Mei-fung decides to realign her life and find a new purpose by going back to work. One day, she serendipitously meets Fong Ching (Keung To), a delivery boy who is working in a local diner. When she discovers his talents as a singer and a dancer, she decides to groom him for a career on the stage. As expected, Fong Ching becomes an overnight sensation in the pop world, once again proving Mei-fung’s amazing talents as a starmaker. In the process, Fong Ching’s complex family background also evokes Mei-fung’s maternal instincts, transforming their bond from one of manager-and-client to one that seems more like mother-and-son. However, their relationship makes Jonathan feel neglected by his mother, inspiring intense feelings of jealousy and creating an unexpected rivalry between him and Fong Ching for Mei-fung’s attention. The rivalry also ends up exposing an unresolved rift that had long been standing between Mei-fung and Jonathan.
Kearen Pang
Teresa Mo, Jer Lau, Keung To
Release Date
Cantonese, English(In Parts), Korean(In Parts)
Run Time
126 minutes
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