Men Inside(EADF 2022)
Feature Films, ACID Cannes

The Baumettes is one of the largest jails in France, its 30,000 square-metre expanse hosting 2,000 inmates, half of whom are under 30. It’s a site where misery, violence, abandonment and the injustices of life are played out to the max, complete with stories punctuated by screams and silences. Filmed over 25 days within the prison grounds, Men Inside casts a light on the inmates’ lives, its uncompromising nature revealing the hopes and fears shaping their humanity. Last but not least, it is a fantastic dive into the heart of the Baumettes, raising more concerns about the obstacles faced by French youngsters both inside and outside this penitentiary institution.
Alice Odiot, Jean-Robert Viallet
Release Date
Run Time
83 minutes
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