Midnight Zone(WY Retro)
Wilson Yip’s extension of his feature directorial debut 01:00 A.M. is a three-part anthology horror film that blends chills, laughs and tears along with a cautionary message about karma. In “Headless Ghost”, a young police officer is assigned to stand watch at a murder scene with a headless female corpse. After several supernatural encounters, he finds out that the case is related to the football-loving day shift guard. This short emphasises creating a spooky atmosphere to scare audiences. In “Hit and Run”, a young couple is entangled by evil spirits after they commit a hit-and-run. The exaggerated comical plot and performances not only echo the absurdities of the world; they also warn people about the consequences of not taking responsibilities for their actions. Finally, in “Midnight Dinner”, a family is racked with guilt after their matriarch died because they didn’t do their duties as children. They all want to leave home to escape their guilt, but they are somehow locked up. It turns out that the late matriarch has one final wish: To have one last dinner with her family. In the bittersweet conclusion, the son realises that he no longer has a chance to repay his mother for raising him.
Wilson Yip Wai Shun
Anthony Wong, Jerry Lamb, Xu Jin Jiang, Liz Kong, Yuen King Dan
Release Date
Run Time
92 minutes
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