Money Has Four Legs(HKAFF 2021)
The son of a celebrated filmmaker, Wai Bhone has been trying to make his first feature film after a series of cheap straight-to-video flicks. However, financial problems, family woes, overbearing film censorship, pampered actors and a shady producer are pushing him to the edge. When a major crisis threatens to shut down the shoot for good, Wai and his brother-in-law concoct a harebrained scheme to rob a bank. Told with a dash of Coen Brothers-esque absurdity, this tragicomedy is a sly love letter to filmmaking that’s packed with surprises. In a sad and ironic touch, Ma Aeint, the producer and co-writer of this celebration of Myanmar cinema’s centennial, was detained by the country’s military regime.
Maung Sun
Okkar Dat Khe, Ko Thu, Khin Khin Hsu
Release Date
Run Time
97 minutes
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