Mother Knows Best(EUFF 2019)
Nostalgia and time travel collide in Director Nuno Rocha’s bittersweet film, Mother Knows Best. The film revolves around Ana Luisa, a demanding housewife who is dissatisfied with her place in the world. During her father’s 75th birthday party, all of her extended family begins to reminisce about Josefa, Ana Luisa’s late mother. Through these stories, Ana Luisa begins to ponder on her past and the repercussions of her life choices. Suddenly, a strange and supernatural event enables certain individuals, including Ana Luisa, to have access to alternate timelines. Presented with this incredible magical chance, Ana Luisa decides to boldly explore what her life might have been if she had lived it differently. With this unique premise and amusing dialogue, Mother Knows Best is an entertaining ride. The film won two prizes at the Portuguese Film Academy’s 2017 Sophia Awards.
Nuno Rocha
Maria Joao Abreu, Joana Pais De Brito, Filipe Vargas, Filipa Areosa
Release Date
Portuguese, Spanish
Run Time
85 minutes
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