My Mother's Rhapsody(QJJ Retro)
“The matriarch – long widowed and independent – must move in with her children when her home is demolished. Uneasy at the intrusion, she turns to her grandson’s lens to pick at her past: the trivia and the true, in a stream of consciousness, as she regains herself again.”

Qiu Jiongjiong’s focus returns to his own family as he continues to develop his oral history approach. He begins filming his 80-year-old grandmother, Lin Zhigang, as she retells the family’s history. Lin, who lived through one social upheaval after another, raised a large family – she is strong, and she is ordinary. Accompanied by Qiu’s unorthodox editing and soundtrack, My Mother’s Rhapsody serves up a lifetime of joy and sorrow.
Qiu Jiongjiong
Release Date
Sichuan dialect
Run Time
106 minutes
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