My Son(KINO/22)
Her daredevil son Jason's serious accident is a turning point in the life of photographer Marlene. When it becomes clear how severe Jason's injuries are, only a special rehab in Switzerland can help. Marlene decides to drive her son herself all the way from Berlin across Germany. While she has a clear route in mind, Jason does everything he can to convince his mother that life takes place mostly on detours. Mother and son struggle for closeness and distance, disappointing their respective expectations and inevitably ending up in old conflicts. Marlene finds controlling her fear for Jason difficult, while he seems to fear nothing at all. The contrast could not be greater. Something from the past is making its way to the surface, and it takes up more space with every kilometer they drive.
Lena Stahl
Release Date
German, English(In Parts)
Run Time
90 minutes
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