Night’s Tightrope(bc sunday)
Two teenage girls Yuki and Atsuko are best friends but they both hide some secrets from each other. One day, a transfer student in her class named Shiori boasted that she had seen the dead body of her best friend, which left the girls feeling an indescribable sense of discomfort, and even a little envy. A desire has grown within them to surpass Shiori by being present when a person actually dies. Yuki develops close relationships with the children she works with at the pediatric ward, who have cruelly little time left to live, and plots to make her dream come true. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Yuki, Atsuko is volunteering at a nursing home for the elderly. She has been a victim of insidious bullying, and has come close to losing the will to live, but clings to a faint hope that seeing someone die might give her the strength to go on. So begins their shocking summer holiday...
Yukiko Mishima
Tsubasa Honda, Mizuki Yamamoto, Goro Inagaki
Release Date
Run Time
119 minutes
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