Not Alone + Kissing The Ground You Walked On (MOViE MOViE: Life is Art 2023)
A writer who has not written for years is looking for a tenant to share a spare room in his house. One day, an actor comes to rent the room. His clear and innocent eyes evokes the writer's interest. When the writer finds out that the actor’s daily life is a performance in itself, he uses his new tenant as the blueprint of his novel. Hong Heng Fai’s Golden Horse-nominated drama is a provocative meditation on the art of performance and the precarious relationship between muses and artists.

Screening before the feature Kissing The Ground You Walked On, Hong’s microfilm Not Alone tells the story of community assistance in rehabilitating people. Heng is worked in Brother Sheng's tea restaurant, and his good cooking skills made the business prosperous. However, one day he accidentally met an old friend, which made him unable to get out of this secret room in space.

Not Alone - Cast: Jason Mok, Doug Chan, Joanie Tam
Kissing The Ground You Walked On - Cast: Wong Pak Hou, Lam Sheung

*8.12 (Fri), 7:40pm | MMPP
*^14.12 (Thu), 7:20pm | BC

With post-screening sharing
*Hong Heng Fai (Director)
^Ellison Lau (Original Score, Sound Designer), Sou Wai Kin (Cinematography)
Hong Heng Fai
Release Date
Run Time
110 minutes
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