Ode to Joy / Portrait of Mr. Huang(QJJ Retro)
Movie Name: Ode to Joy
Language: Sichuan dialect(Chinese, English Subtitles)
Category: I
Duration: 31 mins
Director: Qiu Jiongjiong
Cast: -
Story: “The gates of Sichuan opera lead into a timeless space. The game is afoot. Camera in hand, I catch wind and shadow – has the long-absent clown returned to the stage? I double-check in my viewfinder.”
In a reconstructed theatre in the Sichuanese town of Leshan, rehearsals have begun. May 2007 marks twenty years since the death of legendary Sichuanese opera clown Qiu Fuxin, and a performance will be given in his memory. Qiu's grandson, Qiu Jiongjiong gets to work shooting on and off stage, his jocular perspective nonetheless revealing a deep nostalgia.

Movie Name: Portrait of Mr. Huang
Language: Sichuan dialect(Chinese, English Subtitles)
Category: IIA
Duration: 40 mins
Director: Qiu Jiongjiong
Cast: -
Story: “Bathed in the afternoon sun, accompanied by cicadas, gunshots and mahjong, I invite you to listen to the sing-song whispers of Southern Sichuanese tell strange tales of the wilderness. In forty minutes, the sun has set and what was once mundane is now surprising and whimsical.”
The coroner opens up the decomposing corpse of a woman, from which maggots are freed. A farmer parades around town with his lover's flesh and liver in a bindle. Two jail-breakers seek refuge deep in a cave, resulting in mass casualties for the fully armed but utterly unequipped police. On a summer afternoon, retired police officer Mr. Huang unravels these curious tales like one does the stories of rivers and lakes.
Qiu Jiongjiong
Release Date
Sichuan dialect
Run Time
71 minutes
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