On-Gaku: Our Sound(bcSpecial)
High school delinquent Kenji one day suddenly suggests to pals Ota and Asakura that they start a band. However none of them have even touched an instrument before. Their band starts off as a bass, another bass, and drums – a unique lineup indeed. The moment they played a note, they are overcome by a sensation like they have never felt before, and are fairly impressed by themselves. The day after they decide on their band name to be Kobujutsu (classical martial arts), they find out that the school already has a folk group named Kobijutsu (classical arts). Their sound and look definitely clash, but they hit it off after seeing each other play. And now they have their eyes set on entering an upcoming rock festival in August.
Grand Prize for Feature Animation at the 2019 Ottawa International Animation Festival.
Kenji Iwaisawa
Shintaro Sakamoto, Ren Komai, Tomoya Maeno
Release Date
Run Time
71 minutes
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