Once Upon a Time in America(EM Retro)
Leone brings his camera from the West to the New York underworld and reflects the dark side of the glamorous American dream through the lives of a group of Jewish gangsters. As the solemn sound of the pan flute echoes in the wind, the years of innocence drifts under the Brooklyn Bridge. Like a love poem that is held back, the poignant melody of the dream is interspersed with pauses. Morricone pays tribute to American pop culture through the rearrangements of “God Bless America”, “Night and Day” and “Yesterday”. The intermingling of original music and adapted tunes simulates the entanglement of memories and thoughts, unfolding a half-century epic story.

Best Original Music and Best Costume Design, BAFTA Film Awards
Sergio Leone
Robert De Niro, James Wood, Elizabeth McGovern
Release Date
Run Time
250 minutes
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