One Week+Sherlock Jr.(Film Heritage 101)
Movie Name: One Week (2015 restored version)
Category: I
Duration: 25 Mins
Duration: 25 minutes
Director: Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline
Story: Keaton gets married and attempts to build a new home with his wife, but everything goes wrong. Due to the sabotage of a rival, the couple mishandle the pre-fabricated construction kit, their dream home becomes a bizarre and dysfunctional house. The chaos culminates in a housewarming party on a stormy Friday the 13th, where the house becomes a spinning, out-of-control ride, tossing guests out of the windows and facing off against oncoming trains. Keaton's comedic genius shines through in this film as it escalates from cold humour to a climax and features a clever ending. He explores the challenges of modern life, and infuses the film with a sense of fantasy and self-deprecating humour. This film remains one of Keaton's best short films.

Movie Name: Sherlock Jr. (2015 4K restored version)
Duration: 45 minutes
Director: Buster Keaton
Story: The film follows a film projectionist who dreams of becoming a detective. He enters the screen as the greatest detective of all time and uncovers a criminal conspiracy. While winning the heart of his dream girl, it is still a dream world. The film showcases Keaton's mastery of physical comedy, as well as his ability to blend drama, romance, and action into a seamless whole. The film-within-a-film structure allows Keaton to play with time and space, creating a cinematic experience that is both thrilling and groundbreaking. Keaton's most complex and masterful work yet, earning praise as a surrealist filmmaker on par with Buñuel and Man Ray. It stands as a testament to Keaton's creativity and his enduring legacy as one of cinema's greatest innovators. Image Courtesy of Park Circus / The Cohen Film Collection LLC.
Release Date
Silent with score
Run Time
70 minutes
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