Opening Film: Legend of the Mountain(Restored)(FWKHR)
Young scholar He (Shih Chun) visits an old monk in the mountain, and is entrusted to copy a sutra to redeem the wandering souls. On his way to a tranquil environment for the task, he meets Melody (Hsu Feng), and her mother (Rainbow Hsu). He ends up marrying Melody after a night of drunkenness and confusion. It turns out Melody and her mother are ghosts incarnated as human, trying to steal the hand-copied sutra. A lama comes to rescue He, but is defeated by Melody’s black magic and requires help from a Taoist priest. He meets another beautiful girl, Cloud (Sylvia Chang). Eventually, He becomes embroiled in multiple conflicts, the magic power struggle between the monk and ghost; the love and infatuation between man and ghost; and the jealously and struggle between good ghost and bad ghost…
King HU
Release Date
Run Time
192 minutes
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