Our Youth in Taiwan(HRDFF 2019)
A star of the Taiwanese student movement and a celebrity Chinese student who loves Taiwan are both passionate about politics. After the “Sunflower Student Movement”, the biggest social movement in Taiwan in the past 24 years, they came closer to realising their goals, but were also gradually let down.

The coming-of-age story occurs in young lives everywhere, the youthful shared dreams of rebellion and building a better country. In the face of their own low tide of life, is it still possible to continue fighting for the ideals they pursue? Is it possible to understand and find a common ground with your presumed enemies and try to work together?

We are all used to finding answers from the "leaders". However, these questions might not be only directed to those being filmed, but also to those who are off camera – ordinary people who have free will yet are very vulnerable at the same time.
Yue Fu
Release Date
Mandarin, Cantonese(In Parts), Taiwanese(In Parts), Hakka(In Parts)
Run Time
116 minutes
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