Ovarian Psycos(7th Human Right Documentary Film Festival)
Ovarian Psycos is a bicycle team formed by a group of Latina women in Eastern Los Angeles. This group of women has been defending women’s rights with their wheels. Xela, the team captain of the group is a single mom, meanwhile a hip-hop singer and poet. Team member include Andi, a 24-year-old street artist, and Evelyn, a descendant of refugees from El Salvador. Facing racial and sexual discrimination, as well as unimaginable threats in their neighborhood, this group of women show their fearlessness when fighting for justice and gender equality on bicycles.

In fact, Eastern Los Angeles was the origin of the Chicano Movement in America in the 1960s, which led to the rise of Chicana feminism. On this basis, the documentary analyzes class, racial, and sexual discrimination faced by the Mexican-Latina women in American history, also shows the new side of Latina feminism rising from urban areas in America.
Joanna Sokolowski, Kate Trumbull-LaValle
Release Date
English, Spanish(In Parts)
Run Time
72 minutes
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