Pedicab Driver(FW-FIF-LKL)
Set in 1950's Macau, this action comedy tells the tale of rickshaw driver Lo Tung (Sammo Hung) who is good friend to fellow drivers Malted Candy (Max Mok), Shan Cha Cake (Lowell Lo), and Rice Pudding (Mang Hoi). Lo tries to capture the heart of bakery employee (Nina Li) while Malted Candy falls for Hsiao-Tsui (Fennie Yuen) not knowing that she is a prostitute. He hopes that love will conquer all, but is faced by death threats from the brothel owner (John Shum). The film features the classic duel between Sammo Hung and Lau Kar-leung while portraying the male friendships of grassroot men. The film’s theme song, sung by Su Rui, was awarded Best Original Film Song at the Hong Kong Film Awards.
Hung Kam Po
Release Date
Run Time
95 minutes
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