Post Tenebras Lux(M+ Screenings: In the World, Of the World)
Moving from the city to the mountainous countryside of Morelos, Mexico, a family becomes acquainted with life in their new environment while coming to terms with the people, ideas, and places that have been part of their existence. Infused with elements from Carlos Reygadas’s life, Post Tenebras Lux is a dizzyingly impressionistic film that manifests the fears, desires, and fantasies of the contemporary educated class, which has both the privilege of understanding the world in terms of the global and local, the rural and urban, and the personal and universal, as well as the surreal burden of reconciling with its violence, wonders, and contradictions. Shot in the nearly square Academy ratio with distinctly blurring edges and unconventional narrative techniques, the film—for which Carlos Reygadas was named Best Director at the Festival de Cannes—is a visual evocation of reality as felt in its most intimate yet dreamlike conditions.

Courtesy of C. Reygadas
Carlos Reygadas
Release Date
Spanish, English, French
Run Time
115 minutes
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