Monika is in her late forties and works as a freelance curator in Frankfurt; her sharp tongue and witty comebacks often get her into trouble. When Monika unintentionally gets caught up in a raid near the train station, she makes the acquaintance of Josef, a Congolese businessman. He's about 38 years old, though nobody knows for sure, even himself. Josef is a diamond dealer and is looking for people to invest in a mine in Congo; meanwhile he keeps himself afloat with various import/export ventures. He can speak five languages and is applying for asylum, though he constantly struggles against the stigmatization and bureaucratic obstacles he faces. Their coincidental encounter leads to a passionate love affair between two people whose lives could hardly be more different. And although they both believe they can fight the world together like "Bonnie and Clyde", a feeling of mutual mistrust gradually develops. Slowly but surely, their relationship turns into a battleground for post-colonial conflicts.
Lisa Bierwirth
Release Date
German, English(In Parts), French(In Parts)
Run Time
125 minutes
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