As a child, you should be able to count on a safe home and caring parents, but once you are an adult, Daan Bakker argues, you have to find your place in a confusing world without any road map. The struggle of five young men – who in today’s society could easily be labelled 'losers' – is what he shows in the separate stories in Quality Time, distinct in style but strongly connected in terms of vision.
Koen attends a family reunion and pretends to be as crazy about ham and milk as he once was, until he makes himself sick. Amateur photographer Stefaan wants to record childhood memories, which leads to awkward situations. Kjell, to recover his sense of self-worth, travels back in time and sees himself as a child. Karel was kidnapped by aliens as a child and returns to his loving parents in a wondrous new form. The insecure Jef faces the challenge, on the 31,054th day of his life, of pleasing his new in-laws. Movie Zone Award at International Film Festival Rotterdam.
Daan Bakker
Noel Keulen, Giulio D’Anna, Thomas Aske Berg, Steve Aernouts, Anneke Blok, Michiel Romeyn, Tomas Alf Larsen
Release Date
Dutch, Norwegian
Run Time
86 minutes
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