Queer Shorts(HKLGFF 2017)
1. Morning After
Language: English
Category: IIB
Duration: 15 min
Director: Patricia Chica
Story: * Asian Premiere
A game involving chocolate tasting and French-kissing with his friends leads Michael to come face to face with a dilemma he has been living with for years: his sexual identity. Realizing he may not fall within societies’ clean-cut lines he raises the question of sexual identity as a whole, and whether labels are really necessary? The answer to all his questions lie in the Morning After.

2. Dusk
Director: Jake Graf
Language: English(No Subtitle)
Duration: 15 min
Story: Growing up in 1950s England in an intolerant and uninformed world, young Chris Winters struggles to fit into the gender roles dictated by wider society. A more than tough childhood left behind, Chris meets dream woman Julie, and life lightens a little, but the growing feeling that there is a life half lived haunts Chris. Endlessly imagining what might have been, Chris is finally struck by the realisation that for some decisions there is no right answer, and that it is those that truly define us.

3. Queer Heroes
Language: --
Category: III
Duration: 5 min
Director: Kate Jessop
Story: * Asian Premiere
A celebration of queer figures in both historical and contemporary times who have helped push forward arts, politics or science.

4. Older Than What?
Language: English(No Subtitle)
Category: IIA
Duration: 13 min
Director: Steen Starr
Story: * Asian Premiere
Aging has a tendency to fade people out of the picture. Older Than What? brings LGBTQ elders sharply back into focus with humour, frankness, wit and charm. 12 seniors respond to 10 questions about aging, and share stories about how they made history.

5. Blind Sex
Language: French(English Subtitle)
Category: III
Duration: 31 min
Director: Sarah Santamaria-Mertens
Story: * Asian Premiere
At the end of the summer holiday, Louise, blind since birth, is smothered between her mother and her sister. After getting lost in the forest, a chance encounter on a naturist campsite will upset her habits.

6. Cake
Language: English(No Subtitle)
Category: III
Duration: 9 min
Director: Anne Hu
Story: * Asian Premiere
Eliza tries to explore her sexuality within her marriage with her husband Thomas by surprise ordering a female sex robot for them to share. But the sexbot is not the cure-all she had hoped for. Be careful what you wish for.

7. Else
Language: English(No Subtitle)
Category: I
Duration: 13 min
Director: Zeyad Salem
Story: Else is a documentary about gender variance showing three characters who identify under the umbrella term of Non-binary. We understand through the three characters what is gender, does it matter and how different is the public perception of gender now compared to twenty years ago.
Release Date
Run Time
101 minutes
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