Roma(QJJ Retro)
“Perhaps every storyteller has this same impossible ambition; I had always wanted to be able to shoot my hometown in this way…” – Qiu Jiongjiong

In Roma, Fellini presents a kaleidoscope of fieldnotes, memories, and film snippets: his early days visiting Rome; the traffic outside the Colosseum; the excavation of ancient artifacts to build the subway; the church turned into a fashion show, motorcycles going in circles at night… His Roman impressions and imaginations are superimposed together: brothels, theaters, restaurants – all added into the furnace, a refurbished ancient myth. Of course, the greatest of them all is cinema, for which the Eternal City is the most wonderful movie set in the eyes of Fellini.
Federico Fellini
Release Date
Italian, German. English, French, Latin, Spanish
Run Time
120 minutes
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