Ruben Östlund’s Shorts(Ruben Östlund)
Incident by a Bank
The film is a detailed and humorous account of a failed bank robbery that took place in Stockholm in June, 2006. Shot in a single take, in which over 96 people perform a meticulous choreography for the camera, the film vividly simulates the actual event happening in real-time. Winner of Best Short Film at Berlin International Film Festival. Cast: Rasmus Lindgren, Henrik Vikman, Lars Melin, Bahador Foladi

Family Again
Duration: 59 min
Category: I
Twenty three years after their divorce, the director’s parents end up single again, without any partners. Östlund tries to bring them together, even in front of the camera, but the two of them fail to agree on what has happened in the past. The desperate effort of a son to find a unifying narrative is the driving force of this courageous documentary about family burdens.
Cast:Claes Göran Östlund, Catarina Östlund

Autobiographical scene number 6882
Duration: 9 min
Category: IIA
A 30-year old man is celebrating Midsummer’s Eve together with friends in Smögen, on the west coast of Sweden. He makes his friends come and watch as he is going to jump in to the sea from a very high bridge.
Cast:Anette Andersson, Ingela Borgström, Martin Byström, Elin Gradin, Gunnar Nyström, Martin Zetterlund
Ruben Östlund
Release Date
Run Time
80 minutes
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