Sacco & Vanzetti(EM Retro)
Based on a real-life American case of injustice in the 1920s, two Italian immigrants are sentenced to death because of their political stance after being falsely accused of murder. A tragedy bred by racism and the Red Scare: prejudiced police, unreliable witnesses and sloppy jury. The film is a cautionary tale about social injustice. The soundtrack composed by Morricone with lyrics by the legendary folk singer Joan Baez has had a profound impact on the human rights movement. The repetition of four short lines expresses an unrelenting quest for freedom and justice; Morricone overlaid choral and orchestral music on the solo singing to symbolise the revolutionary spirit — “when one falls, thousands more will rise.”

Best Actor, Cannes Film Festival
Giuliano Montaldo
Gian Maria Volonté, Riccardo Cucciolla
Release Date
Italian, English(In Parts)
Run Time
125 minutes
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