Seven Years-Journalism without Journalist(7th Human Right Documentary Film Festival)
The disclose of strong evidence of corruption by JTBC led to Pu Gui-hui’s resignation, but reporting the truth is not easy in South Korea. Since Lee Myung-bak from the conservative party became the President in 2008, at least 17 journalists have been dismissed under political pressure. The government had been using different ways to “pacify” the news media in South Korea; publicly funded television stations were manipulated by the state. Some tycoons also bought the ownerships of news media companies, made it more difficult for independent news media to survive. The latest Reporters Sans Frontieres report revealed that South Korea ranked 63rd in press freedom, stating that the government might have threatened press freedom via exerting both economic and political pressure.
Seven Years-Journalism without Journalists is a clear record showing how frontline reporters in South Korea were embodying the forth estate i.e., the power of the press, throughout the seven years.

*Post-screening discussion with guest
Kim Jin-hyuk
Release Date
Run Time
111 minutes
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