Show Me the Way to the Station
Sayaka, an 8-year-old girl, still cannot accept that Lou, her loving dog has passed away. One day, Sayaka goes to the secret place where they used to play together to look for Lou, believing that he is still alive somewhere. And there, she encounters a dog.

A few days later, she finds the dog again in front of a coffee shop in her neighbourhood. Kotaro Fuse, the owner of the coffee shop, is said to be stubborn and peculiar by the neighbors. In the same way as Sayaka, old Fuse still cannot accept the reality after his little son’s death a few decades ago.

Sayaka starts visiting Fuse’s coffee shop often and they gradually get to know each other.

Life, death, and the strong wish to see one’s love once again. They encounter the miracle “illusion”.
Release Date
Run Time
126 minutes
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