Silence in the Dust(bcSpecial)
Dazhang went to Guangdong to work in a quartz powder factory with his brothers when he was young. After years of hard labour, Dazhang was diagnosed with pneumoconiosis. Dazhang's illness depletes nearly all his family's savings. The only ones left in the house are the three children, ignorant of the situation; Dazhang, lying on his sickbed; and Dazhang's parents. They all depend on a few pieces of land where they plant vegetables. The middle-aged Dazhang doesn’t want his life to end, but his situation seems hopeless. He places all of his hopes on the next generation, but his children haven't even grasped what the meaning of future is.

Special Jury Prize, Visionary Award, Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival Nominated for Golden Horse Award for Best Documentary Feature
Li Wei
Release Date
Chongqing Dialect, Mandarin
Run Time
95 minutes
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