Small, Slow But Steady
On paper, the story of boxer Keiko Ogasawara has the makings of a rousing commercial blockbuster, but director Sho Miyake’s semi-fictional adaptation of her remarkable autobiography is instead a delicate and quietly moving character study about a fighter who has to overcome her internal struggles to keep on fighting. Despite battling lifelong deafness, Keiko (Yukino Kishii, in an amazing performance) has managed to turn pro and obtain a winning record. But as her mentor faces health issues and her gym faces imminent closure due to the pandemic, Keiko finds her will to keep fighting starting to wane.

Small, Slow But Steady swept various awards in Japan. Yukino Kishii won the Best Actress Award of the Japan Academy Film Prize, among the Best Film in Kinema Junpo Awards and Best Director at the Mainichi Film Awards, etc.
Sho Miyake
Yukino Kishii, Tomokazu Miura
Release Date
Run Time
100 minutes
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