So Close and Yet So Far(17th Fresh Wave)
Movie Name: Only the Shadows Move

Language: In Cantonese and German with Chinese and English subtitles

Category: -

Duration: 25 min

Director: Terence LI

Movie Name: The Debit Card

Language: In Dutch, English and Polish with Chinese and English subtitles

Category: -

Duration: 20 min

Director: Thijs BOUMAN

Movie Name: Liminal

Language: In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Category: -

Duration: 30 min

Director: Carmen HAU

In Only the Shadows Move, Kevin, a young theatre director from Hong Kong, searching for ideas for his next play and Frank, a middle-aged hairdresser in Berlin were brought together coincidently. Kevin decides to adapt the stories of the Berlin Wall to the stage, as old memories of living in East Berlin come flooding back to Frank. In The Debit Card, when the Polish au pair Karina goes grocery shopping with the family’s children, the mother of the family does not trust her enough to give her the PIN. From this tiny incident, a tear appears in the seemingly intimate relationship between Karina and the host family. In Liminal, after her boyfriend Hao's untimely death, the devastated Yin stumbles upon “Closer”, a mobile application that bridges the communication between the living and the dead.
Release Date
Cantonese, German, Dutch, English, Polish
Run Time
75 minutes
10 Jun
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