Stormy Family(14th Fresh Wave)
Behind closed doors, is it all sound and fury, or total silence? Shall we talk? Or will you please be quiet and listen, please? In this Programme, “Cage”, “River of Desire”, “After Adeena” and “Peach” will be screened.

Director: TAI Ching-yu, Gary CHAN Kowk-yuk, Kulbir SINGH、SIM Su-gyeong

Movie Name: Cage

Language: Cantonese(Chinese, English Subtitles)

Category: IIA

Duration: 26 mins

Movie Name: River of Desire

Language: No Dialogue

Category: III

Duration: 22 mins

Movie Name: After Adeena

Language: English, Putonghua(In Parts), Malay(In Parts)(Chinese, English Subtitles)

Category: I

Duration: 20 mins

Movie Name: Peach

Language: Korean(Chinese, English Subtitles)

Category: I

Duration: 27 mins
Release Date
Run Time
95 minutes
08 Jun
18 Jun
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