Ta'ang(Eyes On Burma)
While all eyes fall on the Burmese demonstrators battling trigger-happy soldiers in the cities, spare a thought for the country’s ethnic minorities, who have long borne the brunt of the Burmese army’s brutal clampdown against separatist insurgents in the rural hinterlands. Just ask the Ta’ang: over the past five decades, they’ve been rendered such cannon fodder as they try to flee from death and destruction in Burma’s northeastern badlands. Chinese filmmaker Wang Bing (West of the Tracks, The Ditch) captures these wandering spirits’ slow march to nowhere, their torment edged deeply in the refugees’ sluggish movement and rugged facial contours. With patience and empathy aplenty, Ta’ang goes beyond the headlines to zero in on a humanitarian crisis up close, as gunfire echoes in off-screen like distant thunder.
Wang Bing
Release Date
Run Time
147 minutes
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