The 100 Candles Game(bc Sunday)
One of the key shooting location is Castle San Francisco (or Castle of Egaña), where the group of friends play the “100 Candles Game”. It is located approximately 275km from the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This old mansion that has neither a face nor a front, began construction in 1918 by architect Eugenio Díaz Vélez (grandson of Argentina national hero Eustoquio Díaz Vélez). The castle was completed in 1930, a large banquet was organized to celebrate its grand opening. Family and friends gathered for a big celebration. However things drastically changed Eugenio failed to show up for his party and was later found dead in his home in Buenos Aires. The news was so tragic and unexpected that all the family and guests left immediately, leaving the luxurious party preparations as they were, including fully set dinner table, for 30 years.

In the 60s, the building was passed into the hands of the Minority Council as a juvenile reformatory facility. However not long later in the 70s, another unexpected incident happened - a young resident has murdered one of the managers by shooting him multiple times. The facility was closed soon after and has been abandoned ever since…

Director: Nicolás Onetti, Guillermo Lockhart, Víctor Català, Daniel Ruebesam, Tony Morales, Nicholas Peterson, Oliver Garland, Brian Deane, Christopher West
Amy Smart, Wallis Barton, James Wright, Magui Bravi, Clara Kovacic, Agustín Olcese, Luz Champané, Amparo Espinola
Release Date
English, Others(In Parts)
Run Time
102 minutes
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