The Bad Man(EADF 2022)
Nominated as Best Documentary, Taipei Film Festival

Nominated as Grand Prix - Semaine de la Critique, Locarno International Film Festival

The Bad Man is a documentary of the life story of a violent and bloodthirsty young man from Kachin, Myanmar, who casually discusses murdering people as if it were not his own story. The young protagonist was conscripted into the Kachin Independence Army as a child, transforming him from an innocent boy into a ruthless killing machine. Now the war’s over for him, his gun-toting past has come back to haunt him. With all his wounds and traumas, he is now considering which path to take for the future. Are people born good or bad? It’s a question director Lee Yong-chao, a descendant of a Myanmar-based family, attempts to respond to, as he offers a glimpse of a man whose cruel veneer conceals moments of gentleness and sensitivity.
Lee Yong-Chao
Release Date
Mandarin, Burmese
Run Time
76 minutes
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