The Bold The Corrupt And The Beautiful
There are no men in the Tang family, and it has always been Madame Tang that makes every decision, acting as mediator between the rich and the powerful. Tang Ning, her rebellious daughter, reluctantly cooperates with her while Tang Chen, the obedient granddaughter, observes everything in silence. Only when a friend of theirs and his whole family has been murdered do they realise that they are in deep trouble. Nevertheless, the trio cannot agree on what they should save, and as they pit their wits against each other, none of them could survive alone…

In the Tang Mansion in Southern Taiwan live three women of three generations, who all have a great knowledge of antiques as well human nature. They act as the quiet middlemen, whitewashing the deals between the businessmen and the politicians. They are always extremely cautious and keep a very low profile. Nonetheless, the dramatic changes in a land development project with astronomical profit at stake drag the trio into a tragedy, in which an entire family is murdered. The rich and the powerful care about nothing but their own safety. In order to protect what they regard as home, the three women harbour their own schemes but soon come to realise that what keeps them together is more than family bonding. The desire buried deep in their hearts suddenly erupts and goes completely out of control.
Yang Ya-che
Kara Wai, Wu Ke-xi, Vicky Chen, Chen So Li, Ko Chia Yen, Moon Wang, Carolyn Chen, Wen Chen-ling, Okubo Mariko, Aaron Fu
Release Date
Putonghua, Minnan, Cantonese(In Parts), Japanese(In Parts)
Run Time
112 minutes
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